In “Fish-Fish” area, company “Fish-Fish Invest” Ltd has build and is owner of the brand new water-supply system, system of drains and power supply network.

The outer power supply network, according to contract with NEC with ¹ EP 278/2007 for connecting to existing substation, includes:
- Reconstruction of the existing airway 20Kw / owned by E.ON/ and removing the airway out of the building area and put it underground;
- Power supply mid range, 20 Kw from “Albena” substation, the length of the underground path is 3 800 m.;
- Granted power 7 Mw;
- Project for extra power supply, with power of 2.5 Mw;

Water-supply 2 810 m, from which 2 750 m from “Bademowa gora” reservoir 10 000 m3 to the “Fish-Fish” plot, the pipe's diameter 315 mm, capacity 30 l/s, with the possibility to build water pump around the reservoir and achieve capacity up to 140 l/s;

System of drains 3 194, from which 850 with pressure, 2 150 gravitational, pipe's diameter 355 mm., capacity 206 l/s;